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Can the world’s pharmacy escape a reputation for poor quality control?
Monitoring human-rights and environmental standards across their suppliers could have perverse consequences
Rolls-Royce and Ferrari are at full throttle
And, for Indian business, a bout of soul-searching
They are woke, broke and complicated. Businesses should take note
Forget drug use and hammocks. Try tedium instead
Lessons for liberals from climate-sceptic wind ranchers
An opportunity to join the staff of The Economist
Companies are reorganising themselves in the wake of digital upheaval
Lessons from Southwest and Volaris, two highly successful airlines that ruined the holidays
A share-price rout suggests they no longer think it will take over the world

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Economists have traditionally believed that new technology lifts all boats. But in the case of AI, some are asking: Will some employees get left behind?
Most leaders struggle to explain big decisions in a way that makes sense to employees.
With the addition of AI-generated overviews, Google, Perplexity, OpenAI and other search engines are changing how consumers find information.
Some are more creative than others.
In between unicorns and mom-and-pop startups lies the “mighty middle.”
To get an authentic yes, give your employee room to say no.
Influencer marketing is upending established customer-facing businesses.
Start with trust and end with speed.
Leadership coach and author Melanie Parish takes questions from listeners who are struggling to manage tough teams and offers advice on how to mitigate common tensions.
How a vacation rental company leaned into trust to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Solving the issue needs to be a bipartisan effort
Manufacturers are likely to target expansion in Europe with luxury models that offer new features to consumers
Apple and OpenAI chiefs join those meeting libertarian leader but instability has deterred investment
The EU needs more single market, innovation and investment to secure a common future
European and Arab nations join calls for Israel to halt attacks in southern Gaza after deaths in crowded tent city
Incident at Rafah crossing comes as Israeli military continues to operate in city despite international opposition
Philip Lane brushes off fears that loosening Eurozone monetary policy before US Fed could backfire
US company faces tight shareholder vote on whether its takeover offer for consortium partner Hess will be approved 
Latest round puts it in top tier of artificial intelligence start-ups after barely a year
The ECB and BoE should not wait too long before easing their policy stance
Move comes as Washington seeks to improve relations with Gulf state
Dispute with ExxonMobil over oil-rich Guyana block cited as source of uncertainty by advisory firm ISS