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Energy Harvesting Journal

  • Green Business Certification Inc has awarded the Ameren microgrid a PEER Gold certification, the first microgrid in the world to achieve such recognition for performance excellence under PEER v2. PEER, or Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal, is a certification program that provides a comprehensive framework for defining high-performing power systems.

  • Apps empowering consumers to manage medications, diseases, nutrition and more coming this fall.

  • IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 12 July titled Gas Sensors for Internet of Things.

  • Audi is taking the idea of electric mobility beyond the automobile in offering its customers a tailormade system offering. To that end, the brand is teaming up with two new partners to connect its electric model Audi e-tron with the user's home infrastructure.

  • Lincoln Clean Energy announced that Vishal Kapadia has joined the company as its Senior Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development where he will spearhead all finance functions for Lincoln Clean Energy's rapidly expanding renewable energy portfolio.

  • Conductive inks are a wonderfully adaptive technology. This characteristic has enabled them to stay relevant and to rejuvenate themselves over the past several decades. This is because as old markets have struggled or declined the technology has managed to find and/or create new uses. Several years ago, a new frontier called in-mold electronics (or IME) started to emerge. This frontier, as reported in the IDTechEx Research report Conductive Ink Markets 2018-2028: Forecasts, Technologies, Players, is once again becoming commercial.

  • IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 5 July titled Advances in Fiber Laser Technologies.

  • The VTT robot car Marilyn is currently undergoing tests on fully autonomous parking in the area furthest from its driver, at a distance of up to a hundred metres. The Internet of Things assists the car in finding and driving into a free space.

  • With greater investment from healthcare organisations and surgical robot technology about to become generic, the conditions are perfect for a boom in the surgical robotics market. But how can design engineers and technical medical staff ensure these new systems operate reliably and safely?

  • VTT Research Centre of Technology has explored the potential and economic benefits of new wind power technology. The technology would greatly increase the benefits of wind energy and enable the competitive utilisation of wind power in Finland.

  • A researcher has received a U.S. Department of Defense grant to develop a more convenient, less expensive and less painful way to treat serious eye diseases using 3D printing to develop a programmable microneedle array that can deliver drugs directly into the eye in a sustained manner.

  • Jaguar Vector Racing have broken the outright world and national electric speed records in a battery-powered boat. The unique Jaguar Vector V20E recorded an average speed of 88.61mph across the two legs of the famous 1km course on Coniston Water, England.

  • The Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) has submitted a subsidy policy for environmentally friendly trucks, which has been published in the Federal Gazette at the beginning of June.

  • At the Pitt Ohio trucking facility in Harmar, Pennsylvania, tractor trailers roll up to a depot where lights, computers, and electric forklifts are all powered by clean energy produced on-site.

  • A team of physicists have discovered a fundamentally new way surfaces can get wet. Their study may allow scientists to create the thinnest films of liquid ever made—and engineer a new class of surface coatings and lubricants just a few atoms thick.